“Dr. P taught me how to consider what I’ve learned and apply it in my daily life”.


“My classes taught me to how to become more resourceful during stressful situations and become more alert”.


“Thank you so much, Dr. P! you’ve helped me in so many ways”.


“I just want to say thank you to Dr Essence, I was going into my meeting like I really have to do this, but it turned out better then I thought, Dr Essence was really easy to talk to, she gave me some really good advice and a lot of helpful tips, I really am happy that I went through this experience, my life will forever be changed in the most positive way, I hope anyone going through anything right now makes it out on top, Dr Essence thank you again for a judgment free zone and helping me see the world a little clearer now, thank you so much God Bless…”.


“Dr. Presley was amazing and highly professional I felt 1000% comfortable going through this experience due to her”.


“To be honest I didn’t know what to expect, but it was a great experience. Dr. Essence was helpful, kind, and fair”.